Diagnostic Testing and Vascular Laboratory in Tucson, AZ

At Arizona Endovascular Center, our in house vascular lab is a non-invasive testing facility that utilizes ultrasound to address specific blood vessel problems including carotid arteries in the neck which feed the brain, as well as arteries and veins of the arms and legs. These exams usually take 30-60 minutes and are safe and painless.
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State of the Art Vascular Lab

Our lab has state-of-the-art equipment including a PACS (picture archiving and communication system) Digital System. This leading-edge technology rivals that of most major medical centers and enables us to provide outstanding patient care and case management.

Quick Results Right Here At Our Office!

We can schedule tests, determine the need for surgical intervention and evaluate outcomes quickly and efficiently. Our laboratory performs comprehensive testing for venous and arterial disease. Referring physicians are assured reliable results while patients receive responsive exceptional care.

We Are An Accredited Vascular Lab

At Arizona Endovascular Center, our lab is an accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission of Vascular Laboratories(IAC). We offer a lab using non-invasive testing and ultrasound technology to diagnose specific blood vessel issues. Our vascular testing is safe and painless, often taking no longer than 30 minutes. At our lab we can schedule all necessary testing, determine the need for surgery, and quickly evaluate treatments and outcomes. At our in-house lab, we proudly offer the most comprehensive testing for arterial and venous disease.
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Leading Edge Lab Equipment

Arizona Endovascular Center utilizes leading-edge technology that rivals many major medical centers and helps us provide the best patient care possible.
  • 3 Ultrasound Units
  • PACS System

We Are IAC Accredited And Why That Matters

Health care organizations are held to very high levels of accountability—by peers, by the general public and by Medicare and other payers. IAC accreditation is a means by which noninvasive vascular laboratories can evaluate and demonstrate the level of patient care they provide.